ABE2022 will see Silver Trak Digital displaying solutions across three main demo areas – Media Room, Cinema Direct and DAMsmart.

Media Room

Media Room is today one of the most accepted media management SaaS platforms in Australia and is making inroads into New Zealand and South East Asia. Released in 2014 the application has gone through two iterations and in 2020 was completely reconceived with new technology and features specifically targeted for the media and entertainment industry.

Media Room 3, has been completely re-engineered utilising the most innovative and current technology to provide even more features, more speed and more security. Built entirely with producers and media managers’ professional and monetary needs in mind, the application offers a multitude of content management features alongside high-end marketing and promotional elements.

Retaining original high profile security features such as password validations, HLS file encryption and watermarking, Media Room now incorporates two factor authentication, default studio grade DRM, dynamic watermarking and direct initiator control of file transfer and viewing; making it one of the most secure asset management platforms available. Add to this enhanced upload and file transfer capabilities with Aspera on Cloud providing up to 3Gb/s speed, unlimited tagging capabilities and asset virtualisation across multiple projects makes file upload quick, easy and ultimately searchable. Storage capability takes advantage of an ever expanding AWS S3 facility, itself providing a 99.99999 reliability.

What’s New

As an Asset Management system Media Room provides content makers and managers true confidence as a secure and reliable platform, as well as a valuable professional tool for promoting and generating interest in sales opportunities.

Credentials – Media Room development and application has been tested and approved via the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) process to be fully compliant.

Content Security provides two factor authentication, default studio grade DRM, dynamic per recipient watermarking, admin controlled user permissions and screener viewing limitations with project managed viewing cancellations giving full control of screeners, even after delivery.

Media Management accepts and stores any file type as an asset with superior file search by package or asset. Allows changes to file names after ingest. Multi-level tagging and organisation into projects with virtual file duplication across projects.

Artwork and Screeners Media Room allows producers, sales teams or content promoters to create meaningful screener campaigns using fully customisable branding and artwork with creative banner and poster artwork to individual delivery or mail merged distribution lists.

Viewing capabilities have been enhanced with full audio capability up to 5.1 surround sound secured by studio grade DRM. Included enhancement for Chromecast and Airplay playback adds extra dimension to viewing and playback up to 4K.

What’s Coming

New cutting edge features are on the road map:

  • One step conversion from Sealed Package to individual Assets
  • Transcoding and Frame Rate Conversion
  • Timeline based metadata
  • Clipping and EDL provision
  • Annotation
  • AI/ML
  • Speech to Text
  • Captioning
  • More to Come

Valuing your Business is the Sole Purpose of Media Room – Let its Purpose be your Competitive Edge.

Visit: mediaroom.com.au


Cinema Direct is a new, exciting initiative brought to a cinema near you by Silver Trak Digital and Telstra Broadcast Services. Cinema Direct is diverse cinema delivery anywhere, anytime over the Telstra 4G/5G network.

It is secure and cost efficient for both Distributors and Exhibitors and offers new diverse content through the Cinema Direct Marketplace.

Cinema Direct’s 4G/5G delivery service will deliver not just DCPs securely and cost efficiently but also allow cinemas to stream HD content in 4G service areas and full 4K streaming with full surround sound in 5G service areas.

Telstra and media asset management specialists Silver Trak Digital have launched their new 5G Cinema Direct content delivery service – Australia’s fastest, most robust, and most secure delivery of digital content over 5G for cinemas, content distributors and movie studios.

Cinema Direct requires no cabling, can be installed and working very quickly and is backed by Telstra’s entire network infrastructure and support teams.

As Silver Trak Digital COO Christian Christiansen explained, “Cinema Direct enables content distributors to send and cinemas to receive digital content over Telstra’s 4G and 5G networks via Silver Trak’s media asset management system. We install and maintain all the required technology at no cost to the distributors or cinemas and then content can be ordered and delivered via the Silver Trak Digital online portal. This is an incredibly effective cost-efficient solution that is live and working now in cinemas across Australia.”

By leveraging Telstra’s next generation 5G cellular technology, Cinema Direct presents an enterprise grade wireless content delivery solution suitable for any distributor and cinema in Australia.

Cinema Direct presents many benefits for the market as it operates over 5G for most metropolitan cinemas and 4G in rural areas. Not only is it cost efficient, but it offers a resilient and secure network that we control end to end. Where Silver Trak are experts in and take care of the media management, Telstra provides the managed master control, scheduling and assurance. First line support is then provided by Telstra Broadcast Services Master Control Facilities and second line support by Telstra Network Operations. Also, any content delivered by Cinema Direct is contained within a secure network, separate from any other traffic and only available to Silver Trak Digital’s clients making it very secure indeed.

Cinema Direct represents a real sea change in the digital content delivery landscape. The high level of security combined with its reach and the sheer size and scope of Telstra’s infrastructure and support takes it to another level.

Christiansen added, “Cinema Direct has been developed as install and maintenance free for all users, particularly cinemas and content distributors. Not only that, over time the Cinema Direct ecosystem will develop such that it will create and enable additional revenue streams for cinemas through the availability of rich media services. This means live sporting events, concerts and other exclusive content can be delivered at super high quality to any venue connected to Cinema Direct live in real-time, at any time, with the simple click of a button.”

As Christiansen explained the fact that Cinema Direct provides distributors wanting a more cost effective and cost efficient way of having their content delivered to cinemas is just one of the major benefits of the new 5G solution.

The “live” content capabilities of Cinema Direct will allow new and extended audiences to view a whole range of content on the big screen – content they would previously never have had access to, particularly in a cinema.

Andreas Eriksson, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services added, “Content delivery over Telstra’s 5G network is obviously a huge benefit of delivering Cinema Direct. We are also excited at the prospect of entertaining, providing the appropriate viewing rights, to potentially thousands of Australians who could not access for example a sold-out concert or sporting event. With Cinema Direct, Cinemas will now have the opportunity to offer these events and other content across Australia live or on delay.’’

For more information on the new Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Cinema Direct Solution go to: https://cinemadirect.com.au


Time is running out.

The lack of videotape and audiotape playback equipment means that accessing content in your physical collections will be lost in the next 5 to 8 years. By acting now to digitise, you can make sure that your organisation’s commercial and cultural assets are safe.

DAMsmart is Australia’s leading audiovisual digitisation service provider. We deliver to you a dedicated and crafted service to digitise and save your videotape, audio or film archive. It’s all we do – it’s our passion.

We set-up the business over ten years ago to make it possible for you, and any other collection owner, to safely and professionally digitise AV content, so you can make sure it is around for years to come. We are not a duplication, media storage or post-production facility that does a bit of digitisation on the side. Digitising collections of moving image and recorded sound for long-term preservation and access is all we do, every day. We are experts, and no other service provider in our region can demonstrate the same level of expertise or project success.

For us, there are two absolutely crucial elements that are needed to enable us to safeguard your content for the future: access to the right technology to perform the task and the expertise and knowledge to use it. DAMsmart has both.

Our technology – Part working museum and part digital laboratory, we use broadcast quality equipment to playback your media. To enable us to service virtually all your needs, we have a diligently maintained a collection of most playback equipment that is now rare due to the effects of technology obsolescence.

Our digitisation platform is designed to be scalable to support collections of any size. Using cutting-edge digital tools to capture and transform the content in a gentle, yet effective, digitisation process, your collection is never at risk.

Our team – Our team has years of experience and have worked together to provide first-class digitisation projects, making hundreds of thousands of hours of content accessible and usable. With professional backgrounds in the broadcast industry and working at leading preservation institutions, we have expertise and experience that can’t be matched.

The DAMsmart difference – For us, however, we believe it goes beyond the right technology and knowledge, it’s about truly caring about getting the very best result for you – that’s the DAMsmart difference – we are dedicated specialists. The team is actively involved in the audiovisual archiving community globally, where we play an active leadership role in the fight to preserve media collections. We contribute to a range of industry bodies and international archiving forums. We have presented papers and case studies at a range of International AV Archiving conferences, including IASA, SEAPAVAA and JTS. DAMsmart is a member of the IASA Technical Committee and is a lead developer of IASA TC-06 “Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings”, which will become the global reference for Video Preservation, in much the same way IASA TC-04 has become the reference for Audio Preservation. At a grass roots level, we are a technology partner for the GLAM Peak project, where we share information about AV digitisation.

No matter the condition of the physical media brought to us, we are here to help you transform it into high-quality digital files; bringing it back from the dead, you could say. Working together, we can ensure the content in your collection, from one tape to hundreds of thousands, is digitised to the highest standard, so it will stand the test of time and is able to be enjoyed by generations to come; anywhere, anytime.

Film digitisation – Digitise your film archive and immediately transform it into an asset with new possibilities. Protect and preserve delicate or damaged film reels, turning them into durable and sharable digital content, ready for the world to see.

Video digitisation – We digitise virtually all videotape formats into a wide range of file types, including Lossless JPEG2000, MPEG and/or H.264, all tailored to the requirements of your future archive. Work with us to preserve your video collection for the future.

Audio digitisation – Cassettes, ¼ inch reels, DAT tapes and even CDs deteriorate quickly and playback devices are quickly disappearing. DAMsmart works with you to digitise them, so you can continue sharing your valuable assets.

DAMsmart is an approved audiovisual digitisation services provider to both the Australian National Film and Sound Archive and the National Archives of Australia. We digitise, professionaly, safely and with care.

Your content is valuable; it’s worth saving and it is worth saving properly. Trusted by some of the region’s most prestigious collection owners through to grassroots archives, our team can help you to digitise your content stored on videotape, audiotape or motion picture film.

We make sure your content is ready to meet the demands of today’s digital world, so you can use it to engage, educate and entertain.

Visit https://www.silvertrak.com.au/