Visitors to the ARRI stand at this year’s ABE show will be treated to live appearances by the AMIRA Live Cinematic Super 35 and ALEXA 35 Super 35 cameras, as well as remote sports technology and lighting products.

According to Josh Harvey, Country Manager with ARRI Australia, “ARRI has joined ABE as a way to better connect with the broadcast industry. Our presence within the cinematography industry is well known but within broadcast our exposure has been limited. That being said we do have some great product offerings for broadcast and joining the ABE2022 was the perfect way for us to showcase these products.

“I’m excited to share we will be covering all of ARRI’s Business Units for the show. The first will be showing our Camera Technology and dynamic range capabilities with the AMIRA Live Cinematic Super 35 cameras which combines our popular Cinema camera while introducing our own Fibre technology for multi-camera broadcasts. Also on the stand will be our newly announced ALEXA 35 Super 35 camera which has raised the bar even higher in the world of digital cinematography. This will be joined with the SRH-360 remote stabilised head and AGITO Sport remote camera dolly. Lastly, our stand will be made up of our Lighting technology featuring the Skypanel and Orbiter offerings with the new Orbiter Fresnel, making its first appearance in Australia.

“We believe with technology moving as quickly as it is the industry is in a good place to grow and to look at options that will further enhance future broadcasts, with that in mind our cinematic camera offerings with incredible Dynamic Range, Camera Stabilisation systems and Lighting products pivot ARRI fair and square into this space.”


The ABE2022 Conference & Exhibition takes place at Doltone House, Darling Island, Sydney, from August 09-11, 2022. To attend, register at