Visit Amber Technology Media Systems Group on stand 16 at the ABE Content Production & Delivery Technology Show at Doltone House from August 09-11, 2022. Placing an emphasis on remote production workflows, Amber Technology will feature an integrated range of key vendors across its diverse product portfolio.

Avid – MediaCentral is at the heart of Avid’s news and production solutions, supporting the world’s leading media organisations to collaborate, create, and deliver news programs, all types of broadcast shows, online posts, and more to multiple delivery platforms. The Avid MediaCentral platform delivers an end to end solution from ingest through to asset management, content creation, collaboration, playout, and distribution.
Featured on the Amber stand at ABE 2022 will be the MediaCentral | Collaborate app connecting teams in the studio, in the field, and at home together using any device. From story planning, gathering resources, and delegating assignments, to tracking tasks, topics, and ideas, MediaCentral | Collaborate, available as an iOS, iPadOS, and web browser app for MediaCentral, enables team members to work together seamlessly from anywhere.

Haivision /AviWest – The powerful and flexible combination of Haivision and Aviwest video technology for live broadcast contribution over fixed and mobile networks will be on full display, empowering broadcast customers to change the game for live sporting event production, news coverage, and live entertainment.

The solutions being showcased at ABE will include:

  • PRO460 – the next evolution of the PRO series bonded cellular transmitters for remote video production over 5G networks.
  • Makito X4 Series of video encoders and decoders – Haivision’s flagship real-time quad-HD and 4K video encoding and SRT streaming solutions, providing secure and reliable streaming over IP.
  • StreamHub – a powerful and flexible platform to receive, decode, and distribute live video streams, coming from Aviwest transmitters, Makito X4 video encoders, or third-party systems.
  • LiveGuest – the easiest way to conduct a live interview with remote guests, supporting bidirectional video return and automated echo cancellation for the best possible user experience and production quality.

EVS – The EVS LiveCeption and MediaCeption solution pillars enable the creation of compelling live replays and highlights, generate swift content turnaround, and output the highest-quality programming for live sports, news, and entertainment. The EVS LSM-VIA controller and client will allow visitors to experience firsthand the advanced feature set of EVS’ new replay system in a remotely connected workflow
Further enhancing the remote LSM-VIA workflow is the recently announced XtraMotion – the award winning super slow-motion service. Live demonstrations will illustrate how the XtraMotion process can be easily triggered from the LSM-VIA remote, transforming any type of footage into high-quality super slow-motion replays using cloud processing and frame interpolation.

Blue Lucy – The Blue Lucy Automation for Media (BLAM) platform is designed to meet the complex content production and delivery requirements for the multiplatform age. BLAM combines media management, workflow orchestration, user task management and advanced video processing in a single solution. At the ABE Show, Amber Technology will be demonstrating a range of media workflows including Avid content archiving, record scheduling and live ingest, cloud-based content versioning, transcription, AI and Adobe Premiere integration.

Peplink – Reliable high bandwidth IP links are an increasingly fundamental requirement for contemporary productions. Peplink makes this type of connectivity reliable and available by seamlessly combining multiple carriers such as 4G, 5G and Satellite into a single bearer. Hitless switching ensures that sessions are never dropped as carrier availability changes. Peplink’s ecosystem, SpeedFusion technology and SD-WAN routers have been deployed extensively around the world and in Australia and will be enabling Amber’s ABE 2022 backhaul requirements for our remote production demonstrations.

Telestream – Attendees will also see the first release of Telestream Stanza which provides a low-cost entry point for organizations requiring high-end captioning capabilities by offering a subscription-based payment model. In addition, to help address the challenges of remote working, the client-server deployment model of Stanza allows captioning editors to work from any location from a simple browser-based editing console, regardless of where media files are stored. Stanza utilizes the powerful Telestream GLIM engine built in to play back original high-res files instantly without any need to create proxies or transfer huge media files prior to getting to work
Telestream GLIM is designed for media professionals and allows viewing hi-res media remotely in a web-browser, without generating a proxy file. GLIM leverages Telestream’s award winning Media Framework to seamlessly encode media on-the-fly and allows users all across the world to stream content. Whether assets are located on an on-prem server, or up in cloud object storage, they can be played anywhere with GLIM.

Amber Technology will also be demonstrating the Telestream Cloud suite of services that provides a valuable set of tools for post-production, VOD, and QC workflows, where users pay only for what they need, and with access to nearly unlimited scale.

ATEME is the global leader in Video Distribution Infrastructure, enabling the world’s largest Content and Service Providers to implement innovative live and on demand video solutions, and enhance their customers’ quality of experience. ATEME is a trusted long-term partner with long experience working with DTT, DTH and OTT platforms operators. ATEME is driving Video Delivery innovations with market leading video compression for any resolution, any codec, improved viewing experience and reduced transmission / delivery costs. ATEME provide pure software-based compression applications running on standard servers or Public Cloud.

Ateme has over the last 5 years put significant resources into growing the Australian presence. This includes setting up a dedicated office covering sales, technical assistance, and a support organisation. Ateme has experienced a tremendous response and we have sold more than 1500 linear encoder channels within Australia for various use cases such as Contribution, Terrestrial, DTH and OTT.