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At ABE2018, Rohde & Schwarz (Booth 2) will display the entire Broadcast chain from Ingest to Transmission under the topics of DVB-T2, Full HD, UHD, HEVC, HDR, HFR and OTT.

Our platform VENICE-S for Channel Playout, Ingest & Broadcast Studio applications supporting SD, HD and UHD workflows as well as the new Mastering Solution CLIPSTER Gen.6  for DCI and IMF are on display.

Rohde & Schwarz will also display a number of new solutions such as the RelayCaster for secure signal contribution and distribution via public Internet and the Headend system AVHE100 for either Full HD-HEVC or UHD & HDR encoding and multiplexing.  

Furthermore, the Multiviewer & Quality Monitoring system PRISMON will show OTT monitoring applications as well as quality impairments on compressed signals (SD, HD and 4k) together with Lip-Sync issues or Audio / Video Delay problems and Loudness monitoring.

The Low Power Transmitter TLU9 has been extended to a Gap filler, and R&S will also show a new Field Analyser for DVB, DAB+ and FM signals.

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